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Who We Are

We are independent financial advisers.  Our mission is to clearly understand your wants, needs and long term goals then develop a unique plan to realize them.  The strategies we use are not product or transaction based.  We have no loyalty or obligation to promote any company’s product. 

APS was formed in 2003 in response to numerous requests from our 401(k) participants for personal financial advice.   We have established a team of professionals who add a broad perspective and diverse expertise along with many years of experience to create an exclusive plan for you.  

What We Do

In a time of information overload and an ever-changing financial environment we are here to help our clients.  We create, implement and monitor a plan that is designed to address all of the financial decisions they must make.   

Your financial plan needs to be stable enough to ensure you reach your retirement goals while flexible enough to weather financial storms and life changing events.   We will meet with you on an ongoing basis to review your goals and the shifts in the economy and we are available whenever a question arises or circumstances require a review. When appropriate we partner with other professionals such as attorneys and accountants to create an integrated approach to wealth management.

 Some of our services include:

  • Personal Retirement and Income Planning
  • Wealth Accumulation Planning
  • IRA Rollovers and Consolidation of Existing Accounts
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Planning for Young Professionals

Why We Do It

Associated Planning Services, Inc. evolved out of a desire to meet the needs of the people participating in the 401(k) plans managed by Associated Pension Services, Inc.   After many requests from the individual participants and business owners to manage all of their other investments we realized there was a great need for comprehensive and trusted financial advice outside of the retirement plan arena.      

We love what we do.   This firm was created to help individuals manage and grow their wealth and achieve their lifelong retirement goals.   In an effort to protect and grow your portfolio we incorporate an active management strategy and proactively monitor and adjust your investments as market conditions shift.

If you are retired or approaching retirement, or if you understand that now is the time to start planning for your perfect retirement, please take time to explore our website and the wealth of information we offer.

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